Burning Candle in Dreams

Seeing a burning candle in your dreams may suggest that you feel enlightened regarding certain situations that have baffled you for quite some time. The light and warmth rendered from a burning candle implies that you are feeling hopeful and trusting faith to guide you to the right path.

However, visualizing a candle burning down to its core is symbolic of your fear that the end is near. You fear that the worst is about to come and take all those precious away from you. This may be indicative of your fear for aging and death.

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One thought on “Burning Candle in Dreams”

  1. I had something like a dream.. More of a vision, when I try to sleep I get the feeling of being held down like someone is in my face, well two days ago I was laying down as I shut my eyes and was almost asleep I saw a gold plate with four red candles over half burned in a dark place a second later a face with dark hair and dark eyes.. This was so vivid I immediately went outside to calm myself