Camera in Dreams

Seeing a camera in your dream signifies that you desire to live in the past or want to enjoy a moment that your mind has captured. Alternatively, it can also indicate that you need to focus on a particular situation such as getting a clearer picture or idea. Dreaming that the camera is broken indicates that you are ignoring an issue or refusing to see the big picture. It can also mean that you are trying to destroy a certain memory from your mind or the object/person in the picture.

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One thought on “Camera in Dreams”

  1. Recurrent camera dream. Two different dreams in a week. Both involve inability to photograph really cool events. One is seeing 3 whales in a small harbor. All 3 whale tails in the air as they gently feed under the water. Frustrated at missing out on the actual event as I’m trying to unlock my iPhone camera and get to the camera app. Ultimately got a couple photos.

    Second dream I can’t remember the event but it’s the same fumbling to get camera app open and missing out on a real life experience in the mean time. Thanks