Car in Dreams

Dreaming of a car means progress, and that you are moving from point A to point B at a steady pace. Business ventures are going smoothly as well as personal relationships. The only thing to be cautious of is the car running out of gas which is analogous of you running out of motivation. Always take a break in between working on a project for long lengths of time to avoid burnout.

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2 thoughts on “Car in Dreams”

  1. I always have dreams of my car being stolen while I’m at somebodies house. When I call police through blurry vision they never show up although I always find the ones who stole the car and either they stripped it or it won’t start.

  2. Hi,

    Last night I had a very vivid dream, the car probably isn’t the main focus but thats where it starts…

    I dream that I wake up in my car, and I’m already driving, and I feel like I’ve slept walked/drove and its still very early, like around 5.30am I’ve got chips in the car like I’ve been through drive through – I start panicking because I know my 2 yr old son must be at home alone, so I drive home and the front doors been left open and I’m worried he might have walked out, but luckily when I call he comes out of my bedroom and he’s ok. But I’m still really worried that I will sleep walk again and leave the door open again. Then my partner comes home (he works away) and he has this snake with him, he’s not worried about it but it keeps trying to bite me and I’m having to hold its head with my fingers to stop it but its trying to squirm loose, its not very big but its really strong. And then I wake up.

    (oh and I dont sleep walk in actuality)

    It was a horrible dream and for the rest of the night I kept waking thinking the front door was open. If you could let me know what you think it means I’d be really grateful. Thank you 🙂