Clay in Dreams

Dreaming of yourself working with clay indicates that you are taking things and molding them into shape and life. You are not sitting around and waiting for opportunities to come to you as they may easily bypass you. You are making your own choices and taking risks in order to gain success. Working with clay in your dream represents creativity and expression of possibilities as clay is soft and malleable. Nothing is set in stone yet so you have chances to maneuver things in your favor.

Alternatively, dreaming of clay may symbolize that you are too gullible and easily lose sight of your beliefs and ideals. Clay is flexible and can be easily manipulated into other things so you have to be careful and not let others take advantage of you.

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One thought on “Clay in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream recently, where I was molding a mil-spec rifle.. The part I remember the most was the magazine. Then Looking at it and grabbing it. After picking up the rifle I jammed the magazine into the mag well and, well There was a blinding flash.

    Could you help me interpret this?