Diamonds in Dreams

Visualizing diamonds in dreams may represent marriage or steady and solid relationships with your loved ones. In society, diamonds are thought to be classy which may indicate that you are very status oriented. These precious and rare stones are tough and unbreakable which may mean that you have strong mind and beliefs which will not bend easily be dispelled.

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12 thoughts on “Diamonds in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt I was in a very large house with two other people, where there was a loud but muffled voice that kept saying the house is exploding with diamonds!
    We searched but could not find where the voice was coming from. Now the inners of the house had no furnishings, but nice new and quality merchandise throughout. We began to pull up large wooden floor tiles about 2foot squares and under them were chambers of little treasures. We still couldn’t find the voice which continued to call out “the house is exploding with diamonds”
    The other two people I had been with left as in fear, but I stayed and searched. In a closet I found some expensive handbags but one caught my eye it was a leather back pack and it was filled with packages of coffee. My phone rang and woke me up at that point.

  2. I dreamt I was talking with someone who was apparently a friend from australia. I realized I had something in my mouth I spit it out and it was little diamionds. I looked at my hand and thought it was my wedding ring most of the diamonds were missing it was all black and crusty prob because the diamonds weren’t there. But when I bent down to pick it up. Somehow I realized it’s another ring and only a few diamonds are missing and I was able to find them all on the floor. So bent down to pick them all up and joked in an Australian accent that I had to pick up all my bits while I still had a chance. I picked up I believe only 3 whereas originally half of my left panel of what I thought was my wedding ring looked was gone at least 10 I didn’t see it that way in my dream anymore. While picking up my bits my friend and I were discussing what was the best parts of the last time we saw each other but I don’t remember what she said. It was some kind of funny joke. It woke up amused? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. i dreamt that in my dream i was in bet with the one who i loved like a crazy ,but he doesn’t , he is just my Facebook friend and he dnot know me but He is well known person in his work ,so i loved him about five years even i refuse my fiance because of this man love, and i have been seeing him in my dream continuously and love thinking of him in every single minute and seeing his picture, and googling some thing more about him every time, some times we will be online at the same time but we don’t talk any think with each other, so that night i was in bed with him and he hold a huge amount of diamond and i don’t exactly remember what happened in that moment but i just put some engagement ring which made by diamond , and we were in love together at that moment and he was also seeing my nude body, so what does it mean??? please if any body knows the interpretation that would be appreciated Thanks. Lissa Marc

  3. I dreamed I was given a small black bag and it was full of diamonds, as they spilled out onto white surface I had to pick the one I wanted. There was a large one that had the letter “c” some how on top of the time and the was my first choice then I chose two more when I showed my first choice to whom I’m guessing is my fiance my first choice he told me I couldn’t have that one because my name has changed, you see my last name starts with ‘c’ he told me my new name is M…. (rather not say) so now I know who he is :)!

  4. I had a dream that there was 6 diamonds in the shower wall. They were in a horizontal line spaced out not too far from each other. I had dug one out and it was about the size of a nickel. I showed it to someone in my dream.

  5. I dreamed I found diamonds in the us capitol building in DC. THEY were ON THE FLOOR no one seemed to be interested. I also found a bronze star belonging to Chuck Hagel

  6. I dreamed this afternoon, 8/23/15, that I was in a record store and in pulling back a rack of records I saw a ring secured by a watch band, it was a small ladies watch from the 1930’s. The ring had a small sun dial on it set with a 12 pt or so diamond. The diamond attracted me, I put it on my right hand ring finger. I walked over to the manager to give it to her but upon looking closer at her I decided she couldn’t be trusted to find the owner, so I made the decision to keep it. There may be a moral lesson in this dream, but being a lover of diamonds, I just decided to keep it because I love diamonds. I like to be dazzled.

  7. hi, I had a dream of seeing my self polishing a diamond and working in a factory, that is the same place where I worked before. anybody could interpret my dream. thanks

  8. Hi
    Serina, I had exactly the same dream except mine were just pouring from heaven. In a dream I was walking outside and I saw this diamond it was red when I picked up they started falling more I started calling people telling them diamonds falling. Next thing I lay down on my back and the heaven just opened up my god it was so beautiful the colors wear so many I can’t explain it was the most beautiful I have ever seen diamonds were pouring in the colors that I was seeing in the open heaven.we started collecting them. I put mine in a cloth rapped tide it and i was trying to help someone i put my bag of diamonds and it was stolen. I never saw it again.anyone knows what this means please help us know.


  9. i had a dream that i ended somewhere. where diamonds were made but the manufactures were gone, there were many other people like me, who have notice lots of diamonds lay in floor.

    so we all started to pick up all the diamond and stuffing in our pockets. i specifically remember that i was putting it in my right pocket. i had most diamond then anyone else. then my auntie came trying to take it of me. i kept on walking away from her, trying to find something to put the diamond in. i then found 2 boxes. one of them was very pretty box. so i put all the diamond inside the pretty box and hid it behind somewhere. i noticed that my mum saw me where i hid it. then i walk off noticing that my auntie is still following me.

    please can anyone tell me the meaning of this dream. thank you.