Emerald in Dreams

An emerald is a precious gemstone of forest green color. It is often associated with serenity, harmony, strength, and healing. To see an emerald in your dream means the harmonic and serene energy of the gemstone will allot you with prosperous careers and relationships. Dreaming about an emerald symbolizes clear vision and unity.

Perceiving an emerald in your dream may be an indicator of healing. Based on this, it can mean that you may be in the healing stages, recovering from emotional or physical pain.

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6 thoughts on “Emerald in Dreams”

  1. I was wearing jewelry. It was being given to me friends and other people. All gold jewelry. Many of the rings had emeralds. Large ones. One of the necklaces was full of shiny, beautiful opals.

  2. I dreamed I was in a vast dark building full of books. Then there were display cases full of Emerald and Diamond jewelry. I stuffed my pockets with as much as I could carry, no one to stop me. I have always dreamed of piles of treasure and antiques, jewels and jewelry.

  3. Searching for a significant emerald. Looks just like the Sims plumbob. Seraching in my side yard across from the garage. Large circles of cellphones around all trees on the ground, about three-five feet from it. I tell my dad. He does whatever. Indian man crouching in my yard, thinking, performing a ritual-type-thing? I ask him if he’ll help us find it. I show him a replica of the emerald. His animal (dog? I can’t remember) looks/sniffs around and finds two large medicine bottles filled with the emerald cut in 1/3″ x 1/3″ cubes. I’m excited we found them. Later my parents and I are going out to eat or something. It’s dark, maybe 7:00pm (in winter, as it gets darker earlier in winter). I’m still holding the bottles of emerald. I ask my mom if we should drop them off at the bank so they can protect them instead of stowing them away in the back of our fridge, as they are of extremely great importance, and I wouldn’t put it past anyone to try to break in and steal them. She casually agrees. We head out. At the bank?; but they’re telling me about things are kept safe in the vaults. It’s like I’m watching a documentary, but the images are embeded in my mind, like I’m watching TV inside my brain. Images of watches and valuable jewelry etc mounted to the floor in big open cells. 

  4. I had a dream. In this dream I found three framed like pendants emeralds on the ground, outside some house/business office. Curious what does that mean to find the emeralds?