Jigsaw Puzzle in Dreams

Envisioning a jigsaw puzzle in your dreams may reflect a difficult challenge that is taking a toll on you mentally or physically. Jigsaw puzzle often require great effort and a dedicated mindset to complete. To dream that you are missing pieces of the puzzle may symbolize that there are certain things that you are overlooking and not putting enough concentration into finding the pieces to complete the puzzle. A jigsaw puzzle in your dream may indicate that you are confused and not in a clear and organized state of mind.

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2 thoughts on “Jigsaw Puzzle in Dreams”

  1. I have had this reoccurring dream since i was about seven years old and im now 27. Its happened at least 20 times since then. The dream is… I wake up in my dream in my bedroom and im looking at the ceiling. Out of nowhere i start seeing bright beams of light hitting my ceiling. When i look to see what it is i notice its coming from the ground. When i look down on the ground i can see peices of the ground falling down into just deep pure blackness in the form of puzzle peices. Eventually it gets to the point where my bed just drops and i start falling. The falling seems to go on forever. Now, when I first had this dream i remember not wanting to be in it anymore so i would wake myself up before i hit the ground. After about the sixth time i had this dream i decided to stay asleep and see where my bed would finally land when it was done falling. I opened my eyes (in my dream) once my bed stopped falling and saw that i was in a forest of some type… parts of it kind of looked like a jungle but most of it looked like i was up in the mountains with trees and shrubs and all of that. The only feature that stands out in this “forest” is there is one long winding dirt pathway that seems to go on forever. I walk down this pathway and see that there is a line of people on this path. Well this goes on for awhile one person moving forward at a time.. and when i see the front of the line i see a huge figure standing behind a podium with a judge gavel and he either lets you past or doesnt. In all the times i have had this dream i have never made it to the front of the line. And yes i had this dream yesterday for this first time in 7 years which is why i went into so much detail. Just wondering what you might think this is… Thanks!