Open Gate in Dreams

Envisioning that the gate is open for you is symbolic of new opportunities of prosperity and success waiting. You have the power to bring about changes after stale and lost chances. Seeing yourself walking through a gate is indicative of you letting go of the past or certain phases of your life. You are moving on and looking forward to what the future will bring.

An open gate in your dreams is reflective of your generosity and openness towards other.

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One thought on “Open Gate in Dreams”

  1. Over the last year I have been buying abandoned storage units at auctions. I had a dream that I was in heaven and there was a storage auction. I won a locker and then turned to God and asked him for the gate code so I could come back with my truck and pick the stuff up. He turned to me and said “the gate will be open for you.” I went back through the gate which was shiney. Then I woke up. I had a sense of peace and was very happy.

    God was more of a presense than a person but I knew where he was standing. I never actually saw him. Any input?