Quartz in Dreams

Seeing the crystal, quartz in your dreams is a manifestation of your strong will and endurance under any conditions. You are not a person easily dissuaded from your beliefs and goals. This does not necessarily mean that you are stubborn. In a more positive light, this can be perceived as you being in knowledge of what you want and not giving up if a few obstacles does not hinder you for awhile. Quartz can also represent harmony and lucidity. To dream about this crystal is a clear reflection of the dreamer being harmonized both physically and emotionally.

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10 thoughts on “Quartz in Dreams”

  1. All I remember is trying to pull a double terminated clear quartz out of a cluster. I can’t remember if I was successfull or not. I don’t believe that I was.

  2. I dreamt that a friend that I don’t have much connection to gave me as a gift 3 quartz rocks one rose one green and one white after receiving it I wanted to ask what was the meaning of the crystals and why did he gave them to me but before asking I went to visit my grandfather that i dearly love and we hugged and as we hugged my friend saw and he thought it was another man and he was furious and wouldn’t speak to me so I couldn’t ask him the meaning of the gift and the rocks and then I woke up

  3. part of my dream last night was back at my parents house, I found someone was digging a hole in small hill side of the neighbor’s yard immediately next to their driveway. I look in to see huge chunks of clear quartz, like small tissue box size. I reached in to grab it, but it was just out of grasp. Then I saw the neighbor, in real life no longer the resident, and wondered if it was ok to be poking around in the hole. Then I turned back around to find it was my dad digging the hole, in real life is friends with that former neighbor, so I knew it was ok. He said if I was impressed by what’s left in the hole, look at this. He held up a clear quartz crystal about torso size (he’s just about 6″), clear as glass! It was awesome.

  4. I saw myself walking pass me with a pair of polished clear Quartz studs. I found it strange when I woke up because I own a pair of Agate stud earing and in the dream I thought it was Agate – so I was confused when i woke up because I kept calling it Agate when I knew it wasn’t.

  5. I was searching for gold in a river, of which I had found a LOT, and in my hand was a loose clump of sand and rocks from the river. My gut said to look in what was in my hand. I moved some of the sand and in it was a piece of crystal quartz it was about the length of my pinkie and raw, but when I washed it off in the water it didn’t have any grime and only flawed where it had come off wherever it came from.

  6. What i remember about my dream is vague, I remember being chased though, for something I either did or didn’t do. I was on the run when I found a shaft of crystal quartz, it was clear as running river water except for three faults running from top to bottom like three sliver thin sheets of glass. I kept trying to show people because in the world of my dream I suppose, crystal quartz that clear must have been very rare, bu one or two people would actually look at it and fawn over its beauty and rarity. Later when I looked at it, it was a small chunk, like a nugget of rock, but still clear and still with the three faults.

  7. The dream is very vague, but I remember finding large clusters of crystals, big beautiful quartz and amethyst clusters. This dream stands out to me so much because I’ve been collecting precious and semi-precious gems and I’ve been using them frequently for meditation, and crystal grids to influence my sleeping state.

    From the interpretation I read on this page, I’m taking this symbolism in my dream to indicate that these crystals are harmonizing my chakra’s, emotions, body and soul. I’m very relieved to have found this inspiration. If anyone has any other comments about my story.. Please do share!

    1. I dreamt of finding a cache of raw quartz crystals last night. In reading a bit this morning, I think I can relate this to my recently ended relationship, and how I’m dealing with it. Very encouraging!

  8. I had a dream I was in a beautiful green valley near the side of a mountain and on the ground I looked and I could see the top of a clear quartz sticking out of very fertile soil. I dug it up and it was huge. As I looked on the ground I was finding them everywhere and digging them up. I also found with three large pillars of selenite. What does this mean?