Ruby in Dreams

A ruby is a precious stone of brilliant red. To see a ruby in your dream, it indicates you are a person of passion, power, and great sexual desire. Rubies are considered to be the stones with the greatest power. They are also signs of vitality and protection. Dreaming about a ruby symbolizes two important elements of life: love and friendship. Also, visualization of a ruby in your dream represents the intense and vivid nature of your personality.

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8 thoughts on “Ruby in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream last night that an ex boyfriend proposed to me with a ring made up of one large ruby flanked by two smaller rubies.

  2. Two ruby stones appeared on my sleep. Visually I saw both one larger and I held them both in my hands whilst a water type fall flows below. I was surrounded by rock similar to those of a rain forest!!

  3. I was in a watery cave and found lots of emeralds buried in the wet wall and then I found a big ruby and my mother tried to steal it but I swam away. I then found my self dressed as a rabbit in the dessert chasing my spirit animal.

  4. In my dream I was wearing a ring with 3 white diamonds like an eternity ring, and when I began to inspect the ring I seen an inside compartment, inside this compartment I found tiny rubies two bags wrapped up of about 12 rubies in total, and thought to myself it was like winning the lottery

  5. I had a dream that my good friend was wearing a long dress that was entirely beaded with rubies. She appeared regal and I got the sense that she was going to national-level State affair.

  6. I had a dream a few weeks ago that my teeth were falling out, and this was after the same kind of dream, but in different locations and contexts–the only thing is, that after my teeth fell out, i held them in my hand and the turned into bright red-teeth shape rubies, after first turning into diamonds. Any ideas what that means?

    1. @Karla… I arrived on this page after I googled “dream my tooth turned into a ruby” and imagine my surprise upon finding your comment about your teeth turning into rubies! In my dream, one of my teeth fell out and it was a ruby that had cracked into several pieces.