Skeleton in Dreams

Seeing a skeleton in dreams represent the fact that something bad is about to be revealed. Whether you want these secrets exposed is not within your control as your enemies have been plotting it for a long time.

Take steps to safeguard your wealth by diversifying before the skeletons come out of the closet and destroy everything you have.

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5 thoughts on “Skeleton in Dreams”

  1. I have dreams and when I look them up they are all different except 1 thing, they all say I have anxiety, I’m only 10 years old, what do I do?

  2. I saw my dead mother’s skeleton in my dream for seting her feet n managing her skeleton but her face was skinny with a droping situation.what it would be.

  3. Its weird I see the shinigami wolf in my dreams and I see a black wolf sprit stalking me. why am I being stalked by the sprit?

  4. Hi. I lost my dad when I was 14 and I have weird dreams about my dad all the time because maybe I think of him and miss him a lot but last night was the weirdest of them all. I dreamt that my paternal uncle stabbed my father and stripped him of all his skin and flesh and disposed of it and left his skeleton one night outside my doorstep.

    1. I had a similar dream, but it was with my mom. we were in the rain forests I went to the car and when I got back she was dead.