Spider Web in Dreams

Woven together by durable and tough strands of silk, a spider web is not a place where insects want to be trapped by. If this happens, they easily become lost and confined to spider as its meal. Envisioning a spider web in your dream denotes your feeling of being confined and left out in the open. This may be reflective of your current state where you feel tangled by certain matters and relationships. Thus, you should take time to carefully untangle and resolve problems before taking the next step.

Since a spider web is a thing that expands far, seeing a spider web in your dream may represent your vast network and connections with others.

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2 thoughts on “Spider Web in Dreams”

  1. Dream of holding (did not pluck) a cluster of grapes topped with a spider web; while looking at the grapes, saw 2 ripe lemons on a branch.

  2. I have had 2 dreams in the past month that involved spider webs. The first I was crouching under this “something” in a yard and all around me were webs blocking my four (square “something”) ways out. The second dream, I was walking and there was a wall of spiderwebs and I had to get to the other side somehow but I didn’t know how to get through because of the spider webs. So I think maybe they represent an obstacle that you don’t want to have to deal with but just may have to.