Star Sapphire in Dreams

Star sapphires are rare precious stones of great beauty, for a star liked figure is engraved into it. This star like phenomenon is known as asterism which is an optical illusion imposing the shape of a star onto the reflective surfaces of certain gemstones. Thus, seeing a star sapphire in your dream may be indicative that deep down, you have star like qualities and is destined for greatness. You will be acquire mass fortune from obtaining and working for something rare.

It can also symbolize that the superficial shell of something may be divine like a star. However, beneath the surface, lies a different story of greed, desire for power and fortune. Just like star sapphires creating exquisite illusions of radiance, you may be in a state of delusions. Therefore, it’s best to reflect back and see what type of person you are and the actions you have been taking.

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