Sword in Dreams

A sword is a sturdy and potent weapon capable of killing. Often in the tales of yore, a sword is the choice of weapon for a knight to yield. They are symbolizations of courage, power, and ambition. Envisioning yourself with a sword in your dream suggests that you are on an adventure for supremacy. The sword also represents you are a person of dignity and honor. When there is trouble, your honorable and fearless qualities would not allow you to back down from a battle or leave another person behind. A sword in your hand may be reflective of your masculine pride and your aptitude to challenge the unthinkable.

To dream of yourself holding a sword may indicate that your will is unyielding and you will not be easily manipulated into doing something that goes against your beliefs.

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2 thoughts on “Sword in Dreams”

  1. A while back i dreamed i was in an alley behind a chainlink fence next to an old apartment i lived at when i was a kid. In the dream i had a duffelbag and i was going to leave. Then i decided not to leave. In the dream people were coming from the apartment to kill me. I was not scared in the dream, but i wanted to leave everything and walk away. I began to do this but then i stopped, took out a sword and went to face the people coming from the apartment. I began taking people down until i came across a family member. My little niece. I had to take her down too. In the dream i had no malice and i didnt want to do this, but it was right for whatever reason. And i woke up. I am not a violent or certainly not a mean person in real life, but why would i dream this. Do you have any ideas what something like this could mean. It felt as if i should get a message from this.

  2. I dreamt that i was setting naked in the middle of a bathroom surrounded by many swords, they were all pointing at me as if i was a magnet, every time i try to move they move with me. suddenly one dark colored man entered and toke all the swords away from me.