Train in Dreams

Seeing a train in your dreams is a symbolic of the rush in your life. Trains were made to hasten traveling and commute times. Thus, the dreaming of a train may perhaps mean that you are in a rush of life, always hurrying to get here and there without stop. You are a busy person, always on the move from one place to the next. Thus, you should slow down and learn to appreciate the beauty of every day life.

To dream about a train represents your desire to complete your tasks in a neat and orderly fashion. However, this can also mean that you have a tendency to follow others and not take the initiative to be the leader.

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One thought on “Train in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt that this man and I (Philip) undertook a journey together on a train. Now Philip is someone that I am interested in romantically and we have been seeing each other for a while but things have been moving VERY slowly which is something thats not easy for me. One of the stops on our journey was to stop at ‘n troup of wild elephants and ride them. Another things that i snote worthy that their were other people and things on the train that kept preventing us from being alone together or even talking which frustrated me. Some of the people in my church believe that dreaming of trains or boats is indicative if destiny. And as I am searching as to whether this man is part of my destiny it would help to know if this is true.