Train in Dreams

Dreaming of a train means you are about to start a travel excursion. The train will take you to faraway destinations in one easy ride. On the ride, you will have a chance to rediscover yourself as your responsibilities are left behind. The new faces you meet will have a lasting impact as they can become lifelong friends.

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4 thoughts on “Train in Dreams”

  1. I dreamed that my daughter & I went in a train ride. But in my dream, my daughter was just a toddler when in real life she is now 23yrs old & just graduated from the college of medicine. In that train (so small) looks like the size of an elevator, with only me and my daughter inside, we dont know where we gonna get off. We were just waiting for the train to stop. Finally, it did stop and we were abt to get off and the door opened but there was no place to step out. I saw outside a fence (bobwires) with green grass & trees & flowers, we were not able to get off & the train speed away again. We waited again for the train to stop, but I woke up, to find out that it was only a dream. I did not feel any apprehension. I was at peace, with God at the center of my life. What do you think of this dream? Thanks.

  2. Whenever I have a dream of trains, it is dealing with major decisions. Most times is two or more. If all the trains keeping getting off track and moving fast, I have made a major wrong decision. However, when they stay on track. I have made the right decision. When I dream of cars backing up, and the brakes will not work: I have made a minor wrong decision.

  3. I would like to suggest some other possible meanings for a train in your dreams. Often dreams play with words and a train makes me think about “a train of thought” or “entrainment.” If I dream of a train, I might wonder where I am stuck in a fixed “train of thought” or “entrained” in a fixed pattern of activity. It might also represent to me the idea of embarking on a new path of “training” as in going back to school or learning a new skill. Of course it all depends upon my emotional reaction within the dream and to the dream after waking, and upon whatever may actually be going on in my life at the time.