Anorexia in Dreams

Dreaming of anorexia mean you fear losing weight at too rapid a pace where your peers will start judging you due to your outward appearances. Does your lifestyle encourage anorexia where you have to maintain a skinny profile? Instead of eating less or not eating to lose weight, the best alternative is to implement a regular exercise regiment to produce tone muscle mass.

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7 thoughts on “Anorexia in Dreams”

  1. In my dream I was at school and kept feeling my ribs because they felt really flat and I was a lot thinner. Then I went home and looked it the mirror and had extra skin at the bottom of my stomach and my back, I felt really self conscious and didn’t want to be skinny anymore because I was too thin, no one noticed tho it was like an overnight change which is weird and my face didn’t look any different. Kinda makes me feel a lot better about my body now but at the same time ik I would have so much extra skin so I would look better

  2. In my dream I woke up and stepped up on my scale and saw I had lost 10 pounds and I looked really skinny and I was confused since it was only 10 pounds and I looked super skinny and. I wanted to lose more weight and the rest is a blur

  3. In my dream, I was getting ready to go to some sort of a premier. I was looking through jackets to wear over my dress because I didn’t want to show my arms, afraid they weren’t thin enough.
    Then, a young girl who was supposedly my younger sister came in, and for some reason she was angry with me. She said something about me being very over weight, and I kicked her out of my room. She proceeded to tell our mother that I called her fat.
    I was very upset, and decided to just get ready and leave.
    Then, it changed, I had moved out and was sharing a bedroom with a girl at this sort of public border school. I had locked the door, and was just so upset over my weight, thinking I was too fat, and I hadn’t eaten in days.
    So, I locked myself in the bathroom and took a bunch of medicine.
    I knew my friend had noticed something was wrong, but I locked him out.
    The next morning (in the dream) I woke up in the tub, wearing my underwear but nothing else. I was extremely thin, and very dizzy. I saw pills all over the floor and my clothes. So, I picked them up and went into the next room where my friend and my room mate was waiting for me.
    He started getting angry, asking if I wanted to kill myself, and I just simply said “I fell asleep in the tub.”
    He said my family had been there, and when my older sister called, she said she was a bad sister, and to bring laundry for her to do when I moved in.
    I became very upset that they were making me move back in with them, and left the room.
    I was walking through the school hallways, crying, and people kept looking at me.
    This woman said “oh, Ellie, must we cry?”
    But it only upset me more, because I wasn’t Ellie. I even said that as I continued to walk.
    Then I woke up, breathing really hard because I was having trouble in the dream.
    Is there any meaning to this?

  4. Well, I have some sort of eating disorder. My boyfriend is always worried about it(and so am I)that it will go out of control. I had this dream where I became sickly thin, and died…Then I saw my boyfriend by my grave. It was scary what could it mean? >.<

  5. In my dream I became very thin, not necessarily sick but I was able to see my bones with a thin layer of skin. Does it have anything to do with the fact that I am currently on a weight loss program with herbalife?

    1. Being on a diet program may prompt your unconscious mind to explore what the future beholds for you. Are you having success with Herbalife, and how much weight have you managed to lose?

      Always try to take the slow steady path to good health.