Apparition in Dreams

Dreaming of an apparition means you are longing to see the person that has influenced your life the most and need them to be there for you as you go through rough times. What would they do if they were you? How would they take on the obstacle and overcome it?

These apparitions are your subconscious attempting to guide you through the process of overcoming challenges.

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2 thoughts on “Apparition in Dreams”

  1. My apparition was a dark smoke like form appearing from nothing then disappeared. The place in the dream was my childhood home but I in my adult state felt scared… any feed back?

    1. I just had a similar dream, but can’t figure anything of it. In a childhood place as an adult. Black smoke apparitions unfolding from the sky. They noticed I had something they wanted, But they we’re unable to come down from the sky as the apparitions had to leave the area.