Architecture in Dreams

Dreaming of architecture means you are building a life based on planning and strong foundations. The relationships and careers that you establish will be very strong as you have invested wholeheartedly into moving them towards the desired path. Continue to dream of shaping the life you want, and you will have it in the waking hours.

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2 thoughts on “Architecture in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt that my girlfriend and I went on holiday to New Zealand (where I used to live). I saw old friends on the plane to New Zealand. Once there, I was driving a left-hand drive open-top car (I don’t drive in reality) with my closest childhood friend sitting in the back. The scenery was open countryside with new modern architecture still under construction along the hills (my real memory of this location is that it has no architecture at all). All the buildings were high rise residential buildings with very arabic styling and seemed to suit the otherwise natural landscape. I even commented in the dream that “these weren’t here before”. It had also crossed my mind that my father could be responsible for all the construction as he is a civil engineer still living in NZ. The road I drove along went though a tunnel and out the other side we were straight into a tight cobbled city that isn’t typical of NZ. Much of the dream was spent taking photographs and worrying about missing the next flight.

    In reality, I am with the girlfriend in my dream, and currently studying architecture. I wanted to share this dream while it is still fresh in my mind because it’s the most vivid and probably the best dream I ever remember having. Please let me know it’s meaning!!!

  2. Wow! I dreamt about beautiful architecture with different rooms this night and I even said in the dream this is a typically room me dreaming about, I just didnt realize it was a dream until i woke up, then i laughed. I felt so inspired and all my fears were so far away when I woke up, I felt strong and the very first thing I was thinking of doing was to write down a list of every thing that motivates me to do what i want to do in life.