Blood in Dream

Seeing blood in your dreams represents vitality. It reminds us of mortality, where blood is essential to all life. The more vibrant the color of the blood means you life a rich life, and full of energy.

Where as in a dream of blood bleeding, your energies are being drained thus be cautious of extending yourself outside normal comfort levels.

Blood also represents emotional wounds not necessarily acknowledged.

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11 thoughts on “Blood in Dream”

  1. My dream was about being pregnant in the dream and although the birth was painful I was managing it with the help of medical staff. However, while walking around to help move things along someone noticed I was bleeding a lot which meant the placenta ruptured and I was bleeding out. I remember being more worried about myself than the baby.

  2. I walked into my home, and all the walls were covered with blood. It was all over the furniture. I scream and scream until I fainted then I woke up from the dream. What does encountering so much blood in my dream mean?

  3. Had a dream of blood all over my street and in my house.
    Didn’t know what happened,walked outside and asked my best friend to come look.saw upside down plastic red roses on a piano and a note saying I’m sorry for what they did to me??
    My friends dad said Brujería(witchcraft)??
    Dont understand??

  4. My cousin dreamed that the front door was full of blood and that because his parent living with me and he is living in different country.


  5. i had this dream where i see a man coming and pulling me.he injects a needle into my vein and puts a tube there and a lot of blood comes gushing into the tube.he then wants to connect this to another tube.he is very rude and i know i am in danger.i feel so nauseated and pasined by this.there was another girl before me who went through the same thing.wen i was standing behind her i was praying for this man that God would change his heart.soon after he finished with her it was my turn.he also strapped that girl with something .the man looked scary.wat is the interpretation?

    1. You watch too much tv, and also have a faltering belief in god, be it justified or not (the loss of faith not tv, too much tv is rarely justifiable).

  6. I had a dream last night about me sitting in a bathtub full of murky water when all of the sudden the water turned red as if I was bleeding or on my monthly. What does this mean??

  7. I have had the same dream a few nights in a row now after not having it for years. Where basically my ankle is severely wounded by my mum (accidentally) and a very old friend who I don’t speak to eventually says she will take me to the hospital but stops to play with some kids. So I don’t get the help need to stop the bleeding. I always wake up with a weird pain In my ankle. What does it mean?

    1. You have unaddressed separation anxiety with regards to a childhood friend who you used to play “doctor” with, someone you enjoyed giving control to. You were hurt that they lost touch after life took you in separate directions and their interest easily transfered to others. The dream is telling you that the reason you can’t let it go is it wasn’t easy for them to forget you, but they had some hurt they were ignoring as well. A long night of passionate love making with this individual should sooth your soul, unless unfortunately they have passed.