Cancer in Dreams

Cancer is perhaps one of the most feared thing in the world. Thus, dreaming of cancer is dreaming of death and the fear of death. At this point, you feel like you’re helpless and there is nothing you can do as life is slipping away from your grasp. You’re scared that life will end before you have the chance to fulfill your tasks and goals.

Dreaming that you have cancer is also indicative that there are some factors of your life, hurting you and making you feel defenseless and exposed.

On the other hand, a positive interpretation is seen if you dream of yourself being treated for cancer as you may be on the road to recovery and a new start.

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2 thoughts on “Cancer in Dreams”

  1. My dream was that I had lost all my hair and that the hair coming back looked like the hair of a cancer patient that had lost all of it and now it was trying to regrow.