Electrical Shock in Dreams

Dreaming of an electrical shock means coming back to your senses after venturing off the forbidden territory or seeing something that you should not have. While you have been under a trance to cross over ethical and moral lines to compromise your integrity while performing the senseless act, the electrical shock will be bring you back to the norm. This shock also acts as a preventive measure before something bad happens.

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18 thoughts on “Electrical Shock in Dreams”

  1. Hi,
    I dreamed I was waking up and felt someone holding my right hand over the covers, then I started feeling an electric current flowing from that hand into my body, I tried to speak but I was paralyzed, couldn’t move or speak at all, after what felt like a long time I was awake, sweating profusely and with my heart racing. I couldn’t fall asleep again after that, I felt uneasy.

  2. Hello hello my dream I felt was pretty weird because I was in the electric chair and I was calling everything was cool me and the officer laughed and I felt like I didn’t do nothing wrong he was telling me I’m giving you a little shop or something that you did but after that you’ll be alright I remember being shocked and then I guess I ran around all that type of stuff in the end but I didn’t feel like dealing with a bad dream or a fearful dream I was very calm for some reason I was c a l m

  3. Dreamed I was plugging something like a phone into an overloaded socket and it exploded or gave off this huge electric current and time stopped and I was separated from everyone and was in a capsule in Black not dead but removed from the place I was standing frightened but again aware that I didn’t die just caught up in the room above everyone and something knocking in the window brought me out of the dream. Someone was trying to stop me from plugging in but I didn’t stop

  4. I was in a computer room with a couple of people but something didn’t seem right I don’t remember what happened leading up to this but all of the sudden a whole bunch of wires dropped from the roof and I was electricuted and dead. Then I was a ghost out side my body and I could talk to people, I talked to my loved ones telling them goodbye.

  5. I dreamed I was powerfully shocked by the toaster. It was so intense I could see the bright light of the electricity and felt the pain of the current. I woke up gasping.

  6. I was trying to take a bath when I had to adjust the shower head but all how am trying to fix it, it wasn’t working ,when i finally got it fix is when I got electrocuted by some hit me in my right side of my face ,my ear and my hand ,after removing myself from where I was standing I fell to the ground and some people came to take me to the hospital

  7. Last night i waz dreaming that i was laying in bed and someone was in my room buy we both heard and saw a helicopter flying near my house. Suddenly it came to my bedroom window and sent an electric shock at me. I could feel my whole body convulsing and woke up still convulsing. It stopped seconds after i woke up but my whole body tingled and all i wanted to do was hold my breath. No idea what this means.

  8. I dreamt of getting electric shock while I was switching on the lights in my room. And as soon as I touch it I get a powerfull force of current in my body, but my dream was not yet broken, I was consoling myself in the dream itself and made my self stable. It was the same feeling how we react in real life situations.

  9. I dreamt of getting constant electric shock 3 times yesterday night. I was suffocating and trying to come out from it. I was completely paralysed my heart was about to stop

  10. Had a dream where I saw a man getting electrocuted to death on street wires……..confused… please explain.

  11. In my dream I was In a medical surgery getting connected to a heart monitor, Like it was some kind of standard check. when I got two electric pulses surging to my brain, as if I was being resuscitated. Calling to my wife I love her, but getting to faint to repeat it. While my children were running around playing unaware of what was happening.
    I could swear I felt the electric shock..

  12. I was on vacation with my family on an island and the hotel didnt had light so my mother connected some wires. She had an electric shock and walked in a weird way. After alot of missed trys we were able to call an ambulance

  13. Not sure woke up scared enough to write this.
    I think it started off as a car crash at my house in my dream. My wife asked me did you crash the car I said no but I was in bed I couldn’t figure out how I got to bed then I’m outside talking to neighbor about my car when I looked up and the power company was putting white wrap around the power lines I walked alround the house to look at my power line when I herd one guy screaming he was getting shocked but then I was herring at the same time his boss was yelling into there radios everybody do not use spikes or hammers then the guy that was screaming started to burn I run to the street were I see more guys starting to burn maybe 5 different people in the air working on power lines I start to run I see a guy on the street start to burn then I woke up scared and confused wasn’t sure were I was at grabbed my phone and started to search

  14. I had a dream, with dogs, that in a way I all of a sudden got scared in a way that I told the other person in the dream to keep the dog away from me, because I was afraid it will attack me. The next moment another dog came from behind over me, but jumped or something in a rubbish bin and in the dream I am thinking of getting the top of bin to cover it so the dog can stay in there. All of a sudden the dog got out and threw something at me, at the same time I also had some stone object in my hand ready to throw at it, but then then that something the dog threw at me shocked me and in the dream I was shocked and screamed a shocked sound from within, you know that feeling that when u burn or something you utter that sound…, the same moment I awakened. I cancelled the dream immediately

  15. I had a dream we moved into a Newhouse with a very huge bedroom we where about to go to bed when I placed my daughters mattras next to my bed but se refused to sleep there she wanted to sleep next to me on the bed so myself my daughter and my son and husband all slept in one bed. Then in my dream we had a puppy like a Labrador a white one not sure where it came from and the dog also got onto the bed I felt something at the foot and end and as I moved my foot I felt a rope being pulled around my waist and I started shocking the more the rope pulled the more I shocked I tried to move and scream for help from my husband but no words or movement came out I was completely paralyzed. When I woke up eventually I was still numb and paralyzed I could not move for several minutes I did everything possible to will myself not to go back to sleep I was completely petrified

  16. I have been awakened often when I am about to hear that my daughter. Son,granddaughter, have died, from a feeling of electrical shock through my entire body. I will have thumping heartbeats and heavy breathing for 5 minutes. Sometimes I can’t go back to sleep.

  17. I just had a dream involving an electric shock. It felt like I was in the house I’m in now but set into the future. It almost had that old tan looking movie effect on it though. All I can remember from it is being in a room that had bathroom like counters but seemed more like a hallway type setting. My mom was sitting on the counter my dad standing across from her and a rolling chair in between my dad and I. As I reached down to grab the straighter three shocks came from the wall I between the socket and the light switch, working it’s way down in a line format almost. From there the dream went into slow motion. After three shocks I started to fall backwards, almost like those cliche falling scenes in movies where they throw themselves off something backside first. Each time I fell back, totaling three falls, my hand reached more towards my dad, and he was slowly moving like he was trying to catch me while my mom looked in horror from the counter. It also went from that old sepia tone and faded into black and white. The last part I remember is my hand reaching all the way out and I’m probably two-thirds of the way down, about ready to fall on white tile while hitting my head in a white door. It also felt like my heart beat was slowly fading.

    Does anyone have an idea of what it means? It was probably thee most vivid dream I have ever had and the one that held the most minute details, such as straightener designs, and I had bangs in my dream which I just got a day ago. *shudder*