Fireball in Dreams

Dreaming of a fireball means you are about to confront a destructive force. Your life might turn a complete 180 degrees from good to bad. Be careful of your day to day dealings with even the slightest association negativity because it will grab you unexpectedly and create a bigger mess than if it was avoided initially.

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2 thoughts on “Fireball in Dreams”

  1. I was dreaming that someone is firing me with fireball and granite.As if it was only aiming on me because it’s going to my direction wherever I go.

  2. It was this morning around in between 6-7 am that I saw a small ball of fire coming and catching hold of my throat. It didn’t burn me or anything and it was not even like a dream. It was like it was happening in my real waking life and I wasn’t even thinking about anything of this sort that I would dream or see about it. What does it mean? Any interpretation?