Footprints in Dreams

Footprints are created when someone has already taken steps onto a path. To see footprints in your dream parallels the idea that you may be lacking creativity and is following a path that someone else has taken. You are not taking the initiative to lead instead of being the one who follows in others’ footsteps. Thus, this symbolizes your lack of uniqueness and individualism.

Too dream about footprints may represent you trying to hold on to a person who was not always in your life. They tend to take flight when you get close to them. Thus, footprints in dreams may mean that there is someone who is not always there and all you are able to hold onto are footprints when they walk away from you.

Alternatively, if in your dream, you are the person who is leaving behind the footprint, you are proud of the path you have taken. You are leaving behind a legacy of your ideals, beliefs, and parts of you in general.

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3 thoughts on “Footprints in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream of me working on someones wall trying to get inside the house, but every step i took i saw my foorprint left on the wall. The couple came out and were not happy with my prints but when i finally got access into the house the wife was very welcoming and did not utter anything with regards to the prints left on their wall. Please intepret this for me.

  2. I dreamed of a male and a female lions I don’t remember much about the dream except for some reason the female was the only one leaving foot prints. I am a female can you tell me what you think this means?

  3. Hi last night in my dream, I saw a large foot print at the foot of a rocky mountain. The print was on a dark rock which was covered slightly by pure running water. Someone standing beside told me that it should lord Hanuman’s footprint. Please interpret this for me.