Health in Dreams

Dreaming of health means there’s trouble brewing in terms of your body deteriorating. People do not dream of health or even think about it until something goes wrong and is adversely effecting their daily functions. Think of the many vices such as smoking, drinking, drugs, over eating and lack of physical activity that contribute to overall bad health.

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One thought on “Health in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream last night that I had went into the dr office and took some sort of test whilst pregnant although the health of the baby was fine mine wasn’t in the dream they didn’t tell me what was wrong but insisted I wait for the dr which I waited and waited but never came my mother was crying telling me I should’ve listened to her about not having another child should’ve gotten it aborted etc but I wanted the baby. I am pregnant now and have had life threatening complications with a previous pregnancy. Does this dream mean I have to be worried for my health a warning or is it anxiety