Immortality in Dreams

Defined as a state of unending existence, immortality is something that people wish to obtain. Dreaming that you are immortal symbolizes qualities such as longevity, imperishability, and godlike. You yearn to obtain something that no one was ever able to have. To see that you are immortal in your dream indicates that you are not intimidated by the future or fearful of any adversity that comes your way. You would be able to handle any situation. Seeing yourself imbued with immortality reflects your belief that you are better or of higher status than others.

On the other hand, dreaming that you are immortal represents your unyielding and stationary nature. You do not wish for any changes to your current powerful state to change. In other words, you like things the way they are and do not wish to move anything.

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5 thoughts on “Immortality in Dreams”

  1. Had a dream where somebody shot me in the chest a couple times. I thought I would die, but it had no effect at all. He looked really confused and then I ran off, I found some bandit looking people and told them I was immortal and that I wanted to join them. They seemed to like me, but then we all got attacked by millions of biting insects. They all died I think and I woke up. ( The insects felt just like sleep paralysis )

  2. I had a dream that I was just standing in this room and all of a sudden this guy comes up to me and he says that he is a God. He offered me a deal. He said that he will give me a gift if I do his work. I said ok. He told me that now I am immortal and then i passed out. When i woke up I found myself on a battlefield. It looked more like WW2. I started fighting in the war when all of a sudden 3 people came up to me and stabbed me multiple times. I fell on the ground but then i got up again. Thats when my dream ended.

  3. I have recuring dreams that I am immortal.

    In my dreams, this immortality is seen as curse. It means I’m a freak untouched by time, who shouldn’t have a part in this reality. And the people around me know I’m a freak. They all die from illness or from old age and I can do nothing about it.

    I also dreamed my immortality was a curse I received from a dragon. I really don’t know why I dreamed of a dragon…

  4. In my dream I was in a cave be in flooded by lava with no way out and as the lava flowed in I was trying to swim to the surface instead of burning up or waking up I made my way out and dusted of the ashes

  5. I dreamt that I tried to kill someone who was immortal. I stabbed them, they fell to the ground but kept fighting. Them I cut off her head as she charged at me, but she still continued to fight