Pregnancy Test in Dreams

Dreaming of a pregnancy test mean you are anxious to find out whether all the intimate times together has consummated into a successful pregnancy. Know the results will allow for further family planning, and avoid big surprises when someone’s tummy grows into a little bump.

Adversely, a pregnancy test can help prevent an unwanted childbirth and complications.

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6 thoughts on “Pregnancy Test in Dreams”

  1. I had i dream i had a pregnancy trmest in my hand but if was faided then i woke up ? Im due my period in 4day x?

  2. Hi I will try to make it short I had a dream my boyfriend his friend and I we’re in this place they just came from work his friend got pay but my boyfriend didn’t his friend asked him to go out and I got angry with him then he told me he got this job offer and I hey pay like 400 a day and I told him that’s great then this homeless guy was passing and he had a lot of things in his hand and it fell so I helped him he was big with a lot of hair facial hair as well a big coat and he was really tall when I helped him he started giving me stuff he had and I’m warm hearted so I took them then he give me a box with alot of colorful thing that look like pregnancy test and said that pig is beautiful and have a lot of colorful babies and my bf told me u see I’m sure he must be stole does things and he kept coming and giving me stuff until my bf said no more it’s weird so can I please find out what it means please thank you

  3. I had a dream that one of my family members brought me a test and that I took it my family member got in the bath while I peed on the stick but by the time I got done peeing on the stick the family member left the bathroom to wait for me outside the door I waiting and seen the the test had a line but on the back of the box it didn’t tell me weather it was positive or not it said that it couldn’t tell if I was pregnant or not ……. What does this dream mean

  4. I have been dreaming that I have a baby boy for three nights in a row now and last night I dreamed that I have a newborn baby girl and I also dreamed that I took a pregnancy test but woke up before I saw the results what does these dreams mean?

  5. In my dream I watched as a woman came home to find her door and been beaten down and she saw blood on the floor. She ran up white carperted stairs to her bedroom at which point I was her. She had stepped in blood and trailed it up the carpet so the bad guys who left the side of a dead body when they heard a board fall (which fell and was brown and looked as though it was animated) they found me in my room and ripped mu clothes from my body at which point I became an observer again. They hit the woman and raped her, kicked her hard in the stomach. Then I became her again as the 3 men took me into public where there were many people I knew in real life. They placed me on some sort of a carnival ride. It was a giant “bowl” and you couldn’t see inside it from the ground. I knelt next to a man I went to school with ( he was always kind). He held my hand and I laid my head on his shoulder. The ride went up and down and left that “roller coaster” feeling in my stomach. When it ended, I snuck off having seen where the 3 men were I tried to escape behind the ride. I walked into a living room where some of my friends were watching tv, I saw my best friend and sat on a couch across from her and starte d to tell about what had happened to me. One of the men came and grabbed my hand and was pulling on me to get me off the couch. I screamed that I wouldn’t go and fought to get free from him. He walked away but a fourth man came, one who had not previously harmed me. I knew this man. In life he is younger than me, by 6 years or so. I somehow talked him into not hurting me or making me go with the bad men but he requested we be intimate and I there in a secluded corner of the living room we were physical but at no time did sex occur. The next part was me in my bathroom and I had 2 pregnancy tests (in real life I have 2 tests in a cabinet in my bathroom) I went to take the pregnancy tests and forgot to urinate on the stick, so I attempted to “squeeze” a few drops out on each test. Both tests showed very faint lines of positive. I left my bathroom in search of my husband and when I found him I told him I was pregnant. I looked over and saw the same woman who I had switched places with earlier, she was standing with a different man. She said she was pregnant with twins, but she called them by name “Johnna” and one I didn’t hear because she doubled over in pain and began bleeding. She miscarried and I felt sad for her. She spoke with an accent and here English was broken. I stood there hugging my husband watching her lose her babies and then I awoke.