Riddle in Dreams

Dreaming of a riddle can be a sign of a highly intelligent and inquisitive mind. A riddle is a question not easily answered; thus, dreaming of a riddle can be a sign that your brain is still active and at work while you sleep. Even though your body may not be physically active, you are still thinking and trying to solve some questions directed towards you or that you have in mind.

To dream that you have difficulty solving a riddle is suggestive of your patience is running low towards a specific situation. You feel that you can’t find a solution fast enough and is frustrated by your inability to do so. Take a moment’s breath and carefully analyze the situation. Maybe the answer is just sitting right in front of you the whole time…

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2 thoughts on “Riddle in Dreams”

  1. what does it mean,if I am helping a person on solving the riddle and I had solved only two lines of it and suddenly that person gone away with the riddle.

  2. Had a dream where I asked a g.mother (deceased 3 years this month) :”Who am I?” (I am/was confident of my ‘self’ but wanted ‘identification’ like ‘g.daughter’ or some other definition/past name)
    She replied: “The difference between the Sun and Sun light….”
    Any ideas? I keep almost grasping the concept then losing it 🙁