Ancestors in Dream

Dreaming of ancestors mean you attribute your strengths and weaknesses to inherited traditions. You also want to honor them with your success, as there would be no you if they had no existed. The past is important to you as it provides you with knowledge and experience without you going through the pain of trial and error to get to where you are.

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One thought on “Ancestors in Dream”

  1. I always dream of ancient battles… one night i had a dream of the battle of Adrianople… And in this dream I saw the War lord Alaric riding his horse.. I looked to his left & saw myself riding by his side … I was riding a black horse… we discussed the impending battle, and the outcome… Before you tell that this has something to do with what I watch,or read… I hadn’t read anything about this particular battle…. or watch anything about it…as I ‘ve been having this dream long before either reading,or watching anything about it