Angelina Jolie in Dreams

Although Angelina Jolie is a famous actress of great caliber, she presents a feeling of freshness and being down to earth to people. Dreaming of Angelina Jolie could symbolize your desire for her or simply wanting to be her. This may represent your wish to be successful and famous. To dream about the infamous Angelina Jolie who has caused quite a commotion with Brad Pitt, symbolizes you are person who does not follow conventional tradition. You follow your heart and do things the way to you see fit. Even under intense scrutiny and always being in the spotlight, your mindset and will is not easily changed if you believe you are doing the right thing.

Angelina Jolie in your dream can represent your worldly qualities as she is generous and charitable. In addition to those qualities, you possess a nurturing nature and want to help those in need. Appearing in your dream, Angelina can be bringing forth your rebellious qualities and be reflective of that you are in a state of liberty and no limitations.

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3 thoughts on “Angelina Jolie in Dreams”

  1. I dreamed as I was her husband and we have a kid which was her from her previous marriage ,she was eaten by depression and I fell like I was there to help her at same tie I felt so many changes within myself I felt different but I always questioned myself why am I doing with her.
    it was the first and only dream I had about a celebrity i which was weird and I have never thought about her in an emotional way .
    I wish if i can let her know about this dream and get to know her more just so am very curious why did i even hadd a dream like this !!!

  2. I dreamt about her in 3 dreams where i am an actor with her and there was Cameron diaz the dream is the same every time but every time i dream about it i get new details i have never saw… In the dream she represented being the hard heart women just like in her movies even when out of the studio… Well i just woke up feeling good.. there is something in this women i can never know which moves me till my upper limits