Brother in Dreams

Dreaming of a brother means you are seeking guidance and protection from whatever obstacles that stand in your way. The brother is there to lend a hand, and take a load off your shoulders. This is a person that you can trust, and can always depend on. It is also symbolic of anyone that can provide you with the necessary assistance that you need, and you will always be grateful to them.

An other sibling will have your back. Where as a younger sibling will need you to stand up for them.

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3 thoughts on “Brother in Dreams”

  1. I have a dream I am on this farm like plece with alot of students from my school they pass me around to see if i fit in with any of there popular group and can stay with them I dont as I. Watching all of this my brother and dad pull up I. A truck and jump out I look at them for help I also feel a burst of sad e.otions while looking. In almost every dream I have they are there haunting me I feel like they want to help me but that’s just my feelings I know they will not. My brother who is younger then me bends down and picks something up. They rush off during the dream I try and think of positive things about them in my life in order to direct them towards me it does work but they don’t ever speak when its just them in my dreams. I am starting to become terrified of my father in real life now because of this and am experiencing a overall lack of communication with my younger brother.

  2. well, take a look at the significance, or relationship or the value your brother at. Do this for yourself, and your father.

    Now that you have the significance and value or meaning of the relationships of them, what do you think the gun meant? What do you think the child/blood or accident meant?

    What value does it mean to you that people saw or witnessed this event? What do you think that it means that your father took the blame? I am confident to say that no matter what you two do your father will always be there to take the blow because he has more love than you can imagine for you two.

    I think that something happened, or may happen, or maybe even a seed of doubt you may have that if anything were to happen, would he be there to understand?

    How is your connection with your dad right now?

    Answering those should yield a list of possibilities and you should implement or use them in your life to find out if those are the answers to your question 🙂

  3. I had a dream last night that I was with my brother and father in a place that reminds me of London underground .my father has this gun and was cleaning it .he always carries one with him and he has this one I had a look at it and my father said it was empty and could clock it and test because nothing will happen then my brother took the gun to look at it and he clocked it once and pushed trigger nothing happend then on the third trigger the gun went off and hit a child loads of blood every were. Only problem is there are plenty of cameras and worried they saw the accidental shooting. my father took the blame for it abecause it was his gun what does this mean