Bully in Dreams

Dreaming of a bully means you are planning on facing your worst fears. It could lead to physical or emotional injuries. Your brain is recreating various bully scenarios for you to deal with, without being there in the real physical sense. In your waking hours, you may take steps in avoiding the bully or confronting the bully based on the outcomes of your dream.

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One thought on “Bully in Dreams”

  1. In my dream I was being bullied by my grandfather as usual even though he passed away years ago. He used to bully me for as long as I remember my childhood to a point or hitting me . It all begin when my mother who happens to be his first born fell pregnant with me and left me with my grandparents to raise me. Well life was definitely not a bed of roses for me growing up. In my dream he was startimg with his nonsense again but instead of being angry to a point of loosing my voice which usually happens when I dream about my childhood, for the first time in this dream I found my voice I told him he needs to stop what he was doing and I reminded him for that all my life I have been doing my best to please him hoping in the end he will change his attitude towards me and love me instead of abusing me . I told him I have stopped trying and it was not my fault that his daughter fell preganant with me at a very young age and its unfair that all these years he takes it out on me. Well he backed off in this dream and kept quite I could see that I has hit a nerve. What could this dream mean . Am in and out of depression and suffer from anxiety lately I have decided to consciously attend to attend to whatever is going on with me and stop ignoring it as I have been doing form years hoping things will just sort themselves out.