Celebrities in Dreams

Dreaming of celebrities means you idolize the person in the many roles they have played in movies. The glitz and the glamor of their lives bedazzles you into desiring a life of luxury. It is easy to imagine hanging out with celebrities, but let’s not forget how much hard work they put in before accomplishing the deserved recognition. If you truly want to be rich and famous like a celebrity, then start working extremely hard.

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6 thoughts on “Celebrities in Dreams”

  1. I always have vivid dreams but last night I had one that I feel has some real significance. I was in an ordinary suburban neighborhood and the rock band “Chicago” was playing in the back yard. I haven’t thought of them in years and I have never been near the city (I live in VA). Strangely, the actress, Suzanne Pleshette and the actor, John Goodman were playing in the band, and they were married. I remember liking Suzanne Pleshette quite a lot as a teenager when she was on the Bob Newhart show. (who wouldn’t?) I only have a passive opinion of Goodman. I already know that Bob Newhart was set in Chicago and after research learned that Roseanne was set in a Chicago suburb. What would bring all of these obscure elements together? The only further facts that I remember is that Chicago’s lead singer was not with the band and I was aware of that in the dream. Before it ended, the band was packing up and members were negotiating with the actors about what they would do as band members. In the process of researching this I learned that Ms. Pleshette was Jewish which is a fact that I have never been aware of. I am not Jewish- I am Christian with an interest in Jewish things. Any ideas?

  2. I had a dream Spike Lee and I were invited to P.Diddy’s house because wanted to take us some where. We both arrive at his house and greet each other. Then Diddy pulls up in a limo and tells us to get in. As we sit on each side of him he brings our right hands together in for a hand shake. With our grip locked Spike Lee says “Before we say anything more,I love that your opinionated on social media on topics. I respect that. I respect you.” Our limo takes us to this private yoga spot where we learn yoga. Any ideas what this may mean?

  3. Lastnight I had this dream that I was attending school in New York City. (I don’t remember much of the beginning of the dream, but the end really stuck out to me). I was on a random street and ran into Ian Somerhalder. He seemed to have remembered me from a previous time we’d met (in real life) and started talking to me. I asked for a picture because the one id gotten last time didn’t look the greatest. He agreed and we tried to take a photo. We kept moving areas because he wanted to find better lighting. And then my camera on my phone wasn’t working. I asked him if instead I could kiss him and he surprised me by just kissing me. After that he asked if I wanted to walk through east village. We ended up at a coffee shop just talking.
    Then he pulled out his phone and we took a picture on it. He asked for my number and sent it to me. Then I told him I had to get back to school and he walked me there.
    What does this mean?! I’ve never had a dream about a celebrity that was this vivid.

  4. I had this dream about a Korean celebrity, G-Dragon.
    In the dream, I was watching a play that was supposedly GD’s new song about a girl he fell in love with. It was about a man and a star in the sky. The star was the girl he loved.
    As I’m watching the play, I was sitting between two guys I didn’t know. I looked to my right and next to one of the guys was GD. He was watching the play and crying silently. He would glance at me sometimes. I would do the same, except I would smile painfully. Then, I leaned on the guy to my right, my head on his shoulder. Though, I don’t know why.
    I had the feeling I was the girl he fell in love with, and I felt as though I had fallen in love with him, but I felt guilt and anguish at the same time as if I wouldn’t allow myself to fall I love with him.
    Then, I sensed GD was suffering, I thought it was my fault. He loved me, but I wouldn’t love him. At the end of the play, the star dies and the man suffers more than before.
    What does this mean?
    This dream reminded me of one of my childhood friends, who fell in love with me. I pushed him away, and he suffered. I’ve always felt guilty.
    Personally, I admire G-Dragon, I idolize him, might love him. Some dreams may be created by just thinking of something. I guess you could say I was thinking of my Idol. I was thinking of how much he actually suffers, and who was the woman he loved that he had to leave behind? I’m basically referring to one of his songs, Coup d’état. I guess I’m just one of those fans. I’ve even thought that before I die, I’d see & probably meet my hero.

  5. I’ve had recurring dreams about getting beaten up really bad by female celebrities? Mostly by Amanda Bynes and Kristen Stewart? Never really know why but they are very vivid and scary too at times!

  6. I had a dream that I was hanging out at a local laundry mat but it was very fancy almost like a hotel even had a second floor we’ll I was with one of my close friends then suddenly a song started to play .&& I was so fascinated of course I had to sing along ( especially because I love to sing ) suddenly , there was a lot of camera flashing and people started to run to the main door.. And there I saw singer Usher and my friend was like look and he was also with we’ll know pop star justin biber there was so many bodyguards. But I wasn’t very fascinated so I told my friend lets keep folding there people just like us .. So suddenly my friend told me why don’t you sing to them ! Isn’t that your dream ? I laughed and then I said okay wth but it’s not like it’s going to have an affect I guessed .. So then after a couple of minutes they came down to sign any autographs so I told my self “this is it ” usher looked at me and I said hello may I sing to you ? I would love to hear your opinion and there were so many people around me that gathered in a big circle suddenly .. I started to sing ..&& I couldn’t believe it wasn’t in my bedroom or in an autorium I actually started to sing my heart out I felt all of the passion exploding as if I was in a different world ( it’s usually what I feel when I sing almost) and then I open my eyes everyone was clapping around me usher almost couldn’t believe what he heard I though it was so strange suddenly he grabbed my arm he told me “we have to leave I have somewhere I want to take you ” I was very much confused and then Justin bieber said “hello ” but I didn’t say nothing because I was being dragged outside and into a limo I was hesitating to go inside but I trusted my gut I went inside .. He then started to talk to me he said do you understand the gift you have ? I was still in shock that I was in a limo .. I asked him were are we going ? He said you’ll see.. Moments later someone open the door greeted me outside and it seemed like a red carpet .. The only difference it was stairs to a train usher told me hurry go upstairs while justin was leading me up and I saw all tipes of “celebrity’s ” usher whispered behind me and told me to act calm so I looked towards the window and I laughed at myself I remeber saying wow it’s beautiful outside (there was a mesmerizing sun set and everything I saw was beautiful ) then I heard a train coming .. He grabbed my Arm gently & told me “okay this is it .. Remember to act calm don’t stare or they will start to question and think your a intruder I mumbled back I said “I understand” .. The train approaches us I then step forward and every single famous person is staring. At me I then loose usher and there was a couple of one seat available .. I saw rappers , actors , producers , you name it they were there I glimpsed to my right and there was a seat right next to jenefer Lopez and her kids I believe I sit right next to her I look at her and it suddenly hit me this is really happening and I turned my head very quickly to the left towards the window and I cried I felt a touch on my shoulder and she whispered to me ” it’s okay God has a wonderful plan for you this is just the beginning ” I couldn’t help but feel more tears but it was a good cry .. I started to say after everything I been threw in life it’s about time .. But what I found strange is the train wasn’t going forward … The train was going up …

    What does this mean ??