Cross Dressing in Dreams

Cross dressing in dreams can have a deeper meaning that just the traditional one. It may not necessarily be about wearing clothing to change your persona or affiliations with a certain sex. Cross dressing in general, symbolizes the idea and need for change within oneself.

Cross dressing is a conflict between what you are now, and what you want to become. Your dream and your conscious is at a crossroad between what you struggle to make yourself appear as, and what you really are inside. When you dream, your body is telling you that you can’t try and be someone you’re not. You can’t hide or shelter who you truly are, you must embrace it and allow yourself to be content with the way you act and feel. Don’t let the outside appearance affect your appearance on the inside.

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3 thoughts on “Cross Dressing in Dreams”

  1. I’ve had a recurring dream in which I seem to be transitioning to being female. I am a 41 year old cross dresser, but never thought about going farther, In my dream I am working at a place I have never seen and the people seem to be going out of their way to help me be more female, I also seem to have a very pretty friend(also never seen before) who is helping me along. I feel like I am dressed as a female but never see myself, at one pint I am putting on makeup but there is no mirror. When I wake up I feel very peaceful, like a weight is gone.

  2. I am a cross dresser Hetro married for 40 years. Been a CD since I was a child. Openly dress at home and in public when dreaming. I often dream of myself dressed in period costumes at grand balls in my dreams. I feel the long full skirts. Gentlemen ask me to dance.

    I have also dreamed of being castrated and being crucified. I suffer sleep apnea, diabetes, epilepsy and congenital heart problems. My dreams are often because of medications. I also have restless leg syndrome. I sleep in a night dress. I am impotent. My dreams are wild and realistic complex and long.

    Hard to elaborate but wearing feminine clothing plus sometimes being seduced by men. All of my few friends are female. I hate men as my mother influenced or I could even say taught me?


    1. Well, you certainly know yourself and the causes of the sometimes lucid dreams. There’s no need to change yourself as the idea of cross dressing is fully explored from your childhood to adulthood.

      It is actually okay to be friends with men unless they just can’t accept who you are. Life is too short to hate half of the world’s population.