Cross Dressing in Dreams

Cross dressing in dreams can have a deeper meaning that just the traditional one. It may not necessarily be about wearing clothing to change your persona or affiliations with a certain sex. Cross dressing in general, symbolizes the idea and need for change within oneself.

Cross dressing is a conflict between what you are now, and what you want to become. Your dream and your conscious is at a crossroad between what you struggle to make yourself appear as, and what you really are inside. When you dream, your body is telling you that you can’t try and be someone you’re not. You can’t hide or shelter who you truly are, you must embrace it and allow yourself to be content with the way you act and feel. Don’t let the outside appearance affect your appearance on the inside.

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5 thoughts on “Cross Dressing in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream last night of a type that I’ve never had before that was vivid enough that I woke up from it. I was dressed as a woman but knew that I was cross-dressing. I was wearing a black sleeveless dress and high heels and I was fairly busty. There was at least an anonymous (real) girl and were in a place with different rooms like a large house. There was a fairly large man there who I felt was in charge of us, and I remember being scared of what he would do if he found out about me…scared as in afraid of physical harm. As the dream progressed, he asked me to come into another room with him and after we entered he came up behind me and started feeling my boobs and going down to other places. That really scared me because I thought for sure he would find out but instead he whispered in my ear something like, “don’t worry, I know who you are and like girls like you.” I remember relaxing in my dream a bit when he said that, then as he led me to a bed I woke up.

    Full disclosure: I’m in my mid-40’s, started crossdressing when I was 11 or 12 and periodically through my adult life but for the last 6-9 months I’ve been trying to abstain. Any help in analyzing this would be very appreciated!

  2. So, last night I had an awesome dream. I remember at the start I was wandering around a store and found myself in the women’s section. I was just slowly going up and down the aisles of clothes and feeling extremely envious of the clothing.
    All of a sudden, my mom (only it wasn’t) was there and she was angry at me. She took me to this school full of girls and I had no idea what was going on lol. It later became clear after I was enrolled.
    All of the “girls” were actually guys. Their ages ranged from like 12 to maybe 25ish? But anyway, my masculin dream self was freaked out. My “mom” left and the person in charge told me the mens clothing is not to be worn here. So I was led to a dressing room I guess and made to stripdown.
    For some reason I felt myself begin to relax, and excitement grew from within as I began to imagine all that would happen here. The Principal? came back with a variety of dresses, shoes, skirts, blouses, leggings, everything lol. My masculine shell began to fade a little.
    After I was dressed in a mid thigh length skirt and blouse with black tights and cute 2 inch heel I think, I was brought up to a mirror. I looked terrible. I was just some 22 year old masculin guy in cute clothes, and I began to tear up. The Principal said not to worry, as I would be put on a strict diet and weight loss regimen or whatever.
    He (she?) took me to class where I got a lot of long looks by the beautiful “girls” there. The days turned to months passing quickly and I made so many great friends. I looked in a bathroom mirror and I was gorgeous. We were all there just checking our make up and everything during lunch hour.
    I remember graduating from the school with so many others and we all had strong emotional attachments to each other. I started bawling when I realized that we all lived in different cities and states and we might not ever see eachother again. I remember thinking about the world outside, the “normal” one, and feeling like I wanted to die than go out into a bleak world full of ridicule and hate. I remember dreading that my family would try and make me a “man” again. And then I woke up and here I am…….. Feeling heartbroken that it was all a dream and wanting to go back.

  3. I’ve had a recurring dream in which I seem to be transitioning to being female. I am a 41 year old cross dresser, but never thought about going farther, In my dream I am working at a place I have never seen and the people seem to be going out of their way to help me be more female, I also seem to have a very pretty friend(also never seen before) who is helping me along. I feel like I am dressed as a female but never see myself, at one pint I am putting on makeup but there is no mirror. When I wake up I feel very peaceful, like a weight is gone.

  4. I am a cross dresser Hetro married for 40 years. Been a CD since I was a child. Openly dress at home and in public when dreaming. I often dream of myself dressed in period costumes at grand balls in my dreams. I feel the long full skirts. Gentlemen ask me to dance.

    I have also dreamed of being castrated and being crucified. I suffer sleep apnea, diabetes, epilepsy and congenital heart problems. My dreams are often because of medications. I also have restless leg syndrome. I sleep in a night dress. I am impotent. My dreams are wild and realistic complex and long.

    Hard to elaborate but wearing feminine clothing plus sometimes being seduced by men. All of my few friends are female. I hate men as my mother influenced or I could even say taught me?


    1. Well, you certainly know yourself and the causes of the sometimes lucid dreams. There’s no need to change yourself as the idea of cross dressing is fully explored from your childhood to adulthood.

      It is actually okay to be friends with men unless they just can’t accept who you are. Life is too short to hate half of the world’s population.