Robert Pattinson in Dreams

When Robert Pattinson appears in a dream, does he appear as Cedric or does he appear as Edward Cullen? If he is Cedric, then you are not willing to let old memories go. If he is Edward, then you are ready to tackle new obstacles that can take you far.

You have to make the choice of staying in a comfort zone or accepting new challenges to advance your career or relationships.

Also, if Rob Pattinson appears as a vampire in your dream then you are seeking a dreamy guy to make your heart skip a beat, or give your neck a lovely kiss.

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One thought on “Robert Pattinson in Dreams”

  1. Was having a wedding reception at my home. Everything was going great until my daughter walked out the door and i couldnt find her. i wait outside calling her name, when a man, who was Robert Pattinson, brought her back. He said she had been swimming in his pool back in LA when he found her. *Mind u we live in Texas, Los angelas is a long way*…Anyway, i gave him a hug and told him i couldnt thank u enough. So i invite him to the party. But on the way up the stairs, the top step grew up to my waist…I put my daughter over the steps, then tried to climb over but i couldnt get over it…i slip and fall backward on to my head. I hear Robert tell me to wake up but im unconscience. i dream again in my dream. While im out i dream im in a movie with him. i play his sister, who has been in a car accident and slipped into a coma. I dont wake up so they pull the plug. On the way to heaven, i bump into a girl, played by kristen stewart whose soul was suppost to go to hell. But she got away from the demons who were bringing her there, and bumped into me, which caused me to go to hell instead of heaven. She ends up getting knocked into my body, which all of the sudden wakes up. But it doesnt look like me, it looks like Kristen. She starts to freak out..after a while he falls in love with the girl. THen she starts having dreams about me being trapped in hell…at first she ignores the dreams as just nightmares. But she gradually starts to listen. She tells robert what happend and hopes he listens. At first he doesnt until i start comming to him in dreams. So they go on a quest to send me to heaven. The find the porthole to hell thru this sewage pipe. Robert kisses Kristen…then i wake up (in the real world)