Stranger in Dreams

Dreaming of a stranger can have two totally opposite meanings. The first is the obvious fear of the unknown, of not recognizing whom you are interacting with. The strangers are, as they sound, strange to you. You know nothing about them and nothing of their intentions. Thus, this is a sign that you are wary in case something happens.

However, it can also signify an interest in the unknown. Once again, you know nothing about whom you dream about, yet there is that mystical sense of being intrigued about things and people you do not know. Curiosity at it’s best.

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5 thoughts on “Stranger in Dreams”

  1. Since I was a young child; I’ve been having reoccurring dreams that I was dressed as a confederate soldier, and fighting in different battles. I thought in my dreams that I was the soldier, until the actual soldier appeared. He told me in a dream that his name was Josua. I can’t find anyone in my family tree with this name, and Josh always takes me on long walks through battle fields. Sometimes the dreams are dark and scary because we are fighting , but other times the dreams are peaceful and we just take long walks. People think I’m crazy, when I tell them about Josua, and our dream outings.

  2. The past two nights I have had the same dream, not only all night long but two nights in a row. I dreamed that I was in the US and my husband (I am not married and it’s a man I do not know) is in Hong Kong and I can’t get to him. I spend the entire night trying to find a way to get to him. A lot of the dream is spent in an airport having flight delays and other difficulties. I wake up frequently at night and when I go back to sleep I fall right back in to the same place I left off in the dream. Both nights the dream ended in the morning with me finally stepping off a plane and hugging this stranger and then I woke up. I don’t know what the significance is but there must be something if it’s happening repeatedly. Thoughts?

  3. So I have a recurring dream whenever I am experiencing stressful situations in my life. It starts off with me just appearing in the middle of a street, I don’t know how I get there, or where it is, but it is always the same street with the same buildings around it. I have never been there before and I can never make out what the stores are that are surrounding it but they are always the same. Then people start appearing too. I start to try to communicate with them and ask where I am and what is going on but no one can see me or hear me. Its almost like they are all time lapsed moving around me and I am in slow motion, and they are always different people I have never seen before. Then I look directly in front of me about 15 feet and there is a tall man just watching me. It’s always the same man, dressed in a suit, in slow motion with me. And he just watches me and I know he can hear me and see me but I never actually go talk to him to ask where I am or what is happening. Next thing I know I am awake.

  4. I picked up two strangers who needed a ride. At first an old friend of mine (whom I haven’t spoken to in years) was driving in front of me leading the way. He eventually drove off ahead out of sight. The female passenger was sitting in the front next to me making idle chit chat, and the male was in the backseat. I started noticing that I kept driving over the same bridge. So I asked them where they needed to go again. I pulled out my phone and asked for an address to enter the male passenger said 77…then told me let’s just keep going. I told them I had to be too work soon, and that they needed to get out to find another ride. They did, but the male kept repeating that they’d see me again soon over and over louder the further I drove away. Then I woke up.

  5. Just a quick note before hand, it may sound like this gets too vivid but don’t worry it doesn’t. I wake up before anything happens.

    My dream starts with me standing on a driveway, by a house, and neighborhood exactly like my Grandmother’s old driveway, house, and neighborhood…my aunt now lives there actually but I always consider it my Grandmother’s.
    There were 2 cars in the driveway. A small sporty car, which I can’t remember now if it was my dad’s corvette or my brother’s BMW. Next to it was my mom’s old SUV, that she sold a while back.
    I’d locked a sweater jacket in the sporty car, with my keys in it. I was trying to find a way to get them out. I was about to punch in the numbers to open my mom’s car when a neutral colored SUV came up in the driveway, perpendicular to the 2 cars already parked in there. The man had what I think was a slight Spanish accent, dark hair that was combed towards his face, and very tanned skin…not unlike the tone you would find in a Spanish or Mexican person. He was asking for directions to a street that I didn’t know. When I motioned behind me he instantly thought I meant the street was that way and was about to drive off when I said something like ‘no I meant I don’t know where it is, I’m not very good with directions’.
    The next thing I know he’s already out of the car and approaching me. I didn’t dream him actually exiting the car. I remember putting my hands up and telling him to stay. He pinned me to the ground and I can remember thinking I was supposed to scream but somehow had forgotten how to do it. Oo He had his right hand right under my left armpit. I remember this because that’s a tickle spot for me and I remember getting that feeling I get when someone tries to tickle me there. His left hand was on my right shoulder….almost like he was trying to, I don’t know, Vulcan nerve pinch me.
    This is where I jerked myself awake.
    The problem I’m having isn’t the dream but the fact that I’ve never seen this person before yet I remember what he looks and sounds like pretty vividly. I’ve never dreamed of strangers before, especially if they’re directly interacting with me, in all my 26 yrs. I’ve either dreamed of someone I know or I simply don’t dream a face…as in I never see the face.
    I’m confused and want to know if any of this means anything or did I just randomly dream up a stranger? I happen to be sick at the moment, although I am on the path of recovery and feeling much better than I was 2 days ago. I don’t know if that plays a part in dreams though.