Airport in Dreams

Dreaming of an airport represents your desire to embark on new adventures. Every liftoff comes with a new landing in careers and relationships. The bigger the airport, the greater the success that will occur in your waking hours.

Pay attention to the people you encounter in the airport, as these are very important relationship in your life.

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One thought on “Airport in Dreams”

  1. I keep having the same airport dream whenever I plan a flight out of the province (Canadian), It’s a pretty large and vastly confusing to navigate. I just had one last night. I “didnt have enough points” to be able to get a seat on the plane even though I had already had my ticket purchased and had been waiting in line, I had six but needed eight, and needed a credit card to purchase more. I argued with the receptionist and it ended up escalating pretty quickly. The rest of my dream was based on wandering around the airport trying to find a way to infiltrate it.
    It started off as a very nerve racking dream but actually turned out kind of fun. I was half awake near the end of my dream and must have managed to allow myself to enter the plane because I woke up completely as I finally got to my seat.
    The thing about my airport dreams is even if I do end up getting to the plane I never end up actually leaving the airport, I just end up waking up feeling kind of anxious and somewhat sad? It’s a very strange reaccuring dream..