Antarctica in Dreams

Dreaming of Antarctica means living and toughing it out in the harshest of weather conditions. It is a test of survival and mastery of yourself to even think about a place where few people make it their homes. You have come to an early realization that a true man is able to survive with the bare necessities that keeps him warm and fed rather than indulging on entertainment, computer electronics, and television.

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3 thoughts on “Antarctica in Dreams”

  1. I’m my dream I was in a very snowy and desolate place. There were cracks in the ice and I remember thinking it was very vivid and beautiful. I heard someone call my name and turned around to see two of my childhood friends walking toward me. We started walking left along the cracks in the ground. We were talking and I noticed that we were all wearing tank tops. That’s when the dream ended.

  2. Two days ago (during the day nightmares) I had a bad dream with my mother yelling very loudly , losing our voices and with her throwing objects at me at our old home(my family is now separated). ‘My father , mother, and grandma are the only people I can recall being there. It was like she couldn’t stand me a bit, but it was also like she was angry at who I became because she couldn’t do it. I woke up crying. My own sobbing woke me up.I was very sad to the point where I felt the sadness in my chest.

    This morning, I had a dream I was in Antarctica (I have never been or even seen pics) with my boyfriend and younger sister. we were enjoying the view of the sunset with the ice on the mountains, everything white with a bright orange sky, very vibrant. As I turn around to look at the other mountain and take a picture with my phone, it’s a huge face of a baby tiger on the mountain. And all of a sudden, my boyfriend is at that mountain, walking on the bridge there and waved an arm with something on his shoulder, maybe the baby tiger. Then I flash to my uncle whom I don’t remember at all , but he’s now dead and we are walking on a line in the air. If we fall we die, down in the crevices of the icy mountains. He does it and comes back telling me to do it. I put on headphones and play music to distract me as I do it, but I never do. Then my grandmother, (it felt like my grandmother to me, but it might have been my dads great aunt, I don’t know if she’s dead or alive? I met her once) she asks me to give her a hug, I knew she wasn’t my grandmother but I knew that’s whom she was trying to signify. “I am sorry about your father, you guys could’ve called us and asked for help, I’m sorry he’s such a Dick.”
    As I’m hugging her I’m trying to hold in my tears(my dad is an alcoholic). As she’s telling me this I can see my dad reloading a gun, hunting gun, and he looks like he’s on drugs, a little dry mouth,a little foam in the corners. She also said, “your dad use to run the streets like a bear”. I leave Antarctica and flash to Miami at my friends house talking about hair color changes. Then my dad shows up and smells like cooked meat(like boiled turkey hearts) and says “come on let’s go” -very stern trying to make me afraid, and I am. My friend leaves in fear, so I ask her to help me ask I’m walking away. I begin sprinting away , then my dad is chasing after me and yelling insanely like he wanted to hunt me next?? This section of my dream is a reoccurring dream I’ve had over and over when I was young.

    Two dead people , my grandmother (fathers side),tiger , Antarctica. A hug from someone who is most likely dead.(forgive me if she isn’t) My insane father whom I’m afraid of chasing me.

  3. I was on the run for some reason and hiding out at a big house. Moments later a police raid with an army of officers start to barge in. The house then proceeds to blow itself up and I am stuck in the neighbors yard hiding in a crevice. I then ended up in Antarctica with someone telling me how to get supplies from my location. I seem to be in a secret hideout that seems like a ship encased in ice. There I stayed not knowing what to do.