Arctic in Dreams

Dreaming of the Arctic means you are feeling abandoned and all alone by yourself. The events leading up to your current state of being alone may not be your fault, but it hurts deeply not being able to reach out to people who were once close to you. Take responsibility in knowing that you failed this time and learn to change for the better. Warmer days will be a reality, stop moping over the past.

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2 thoughts on “Arctic in Dreams”

  1. I often dream that I am on a boat in the arctic. Sometimes I am alone, some times my friend is there. The boat is moving slowly, there is often a frozen coast not far off. It’s peacefully quiet, the only sounds are the air – which seems crisp and refreshingly clean. I feel calm and relaxed and mesmerized by the beauty – there is a sense of danger too.

  2. Last night I was in the arctic. The snow was soft and went up and down, like hills. The ice beneath was thin so I had to tread carefully. I could see parts of the bright blue, almost glowing ice and water in some areas. I’ve had arctic dreams before, each is different, but each still stressful and almost terrifying.