Attic in Dreams

Dreaming of an attic means you have a hard time letting go of your past. An attic is usually a place for storage of mementos, and things collected from your earlier years. This may be keeping you from moving forward with your career or relationship because you are letting your past define your everyday actions.

Remember that your past does not determine what you will do tomorrow. Choose to move forward, and empty out your attic of thoughts and memories.

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3 thoughts on “Attic in Dreams”

  1. I killed an evil man who lived in my attic with a revolver he was telling me i couldnt do anything about him as he knew to much about me i tricked him that i wasent there he came down then i killed him.

  2. Had a dream I was being shown an attic by perhaps a real-estate agent and I was receiving text messages and answered a phone call from someone I dearly love and hope(d) to be with in a committed relationship.

  3. I had a dream that my attic door kept opening and stairs where coming down… Noone was at the top.. I kept saying not today your not..

    All I could think of is my ex told me he had relationship issues.. Crazy dream… My heart and head are not in the same place.