Bank in Dreams

Dreaming of a bank means you are searching for financial support. In your waking hours, you may be working towards a higher salary and looking for ways to save a little more in order to obtain the things that you want. Or you may be facing an impending expense in the future, and you need someone to give you a loan.

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One thought on “Bank in Dreams”

  1. I am currently employed. I dreamt that I had applied for work at a bank. Several different unknown (in reality) women were there and my husband, simply as a bystander. It was a small bank but very friendly and comfortable feeling. I was quite happy in the dream although anxious about getting the new job. I was able to see that my potential new boss had read my resume but then put it away in a folder. This worried me and I just kept hanging around the bank trying to figure out how to get her attention, notice me and want to hire me. Quickly the dream moved forward to where I overheard my potential new boss say, I can’t reach any of my applicants. That allowed me to present myself, declare that I was right there and ready to accept the position. I was hired. The whole dream felt good, with the slight anxiousness about getting the job. My husband (bystander) only interacted in the dream as support for me to talk to when I was feeling anxious. I really wanted this job at the bank and I got it. An additional note, this dream was extremely different than how I normally dream. I will most always have dreams wherein I am “me” watching me interact in the dream and aware of the “me” sleeping having the dream. In this dream, I was not present in the dream watching myself go through the dream activities.