Castle in Dreams

Back in the days of yore, living in a castle was indicative of your high or royal status. It distinguishes those living in poverty and those with mass wealth. If you dream of a castle, it symbolizes power, honor, and luxury. You will achieve great fortune and success. Living in a castle in your dream may be symbolic of your current stately status. Alternatively, dreaming of a castle can parallel the ideas of escape from current reality and illusions of opulence. You wish to leave behind your state of poverty and unhappiness to obtain affluence and success.

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One thought on “Castle in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream that I lived in a castle. I was some sort of royalty. I asked my husband’s ex-wife and my step-son to live within the castle walls but she declined and she decided to live in a small run down home by Disney World. What did my dream mean?!