Hallways in Dreams

Seeing Hallways in Dreams describes your inhibitions and desires. Usually in a dream, the hallway is never ending and will continue on forever. Chances are you will never reach the end of the hallway, as you get closer, the end will get farther. The narrow path shows your willingness and determination to go forward in order to reach the end. Stay focused on your journey to the end, because if you keep moving forward with the will and power you have now, the end is really never that far.

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One thought on “Hallways in Dreams”

  1. I recently dreamt that I was in a dark hallway. It was big and would be beautiful ic it wasnt so dark. Finally I reached the end. There were two choices, Heaven or Hell. Heaven was loud happy and briught. Hell was warm, lonely annd dark.
    They forced me into Heaven. Too loud. Too many people, too bright and I was shivering cold. I wanted to go to the warm place, not to stay with this many people. I started to run to the hallway but I couldnt. In this moment I woke up orz