Heaven in Dreams

Majority of the people tend to perceive heaven as a place of pure bliss and perfection. It is unmarred by the sins of mankind, nor tainted with evil. Thus, dreaming of heaven is symbolic of your desire to search for a place of contentment, tranquility, and purity. You feel faith and hope when you think of heaven and like to believe that such a place exists. Seeing heaven in your dream can also represent escape from reality and daily struggles as heaven is a place of no worries. You long to feel free and not be bothered with unresolved problems in your current state.

Seeing heaven in your dream denotes your belief of connecting and bounding with your spirituality and thoughts of afterlife. Heaven is the place you want to be when your physical life ends on earth. You feel as you lived life in pure way, destined to be in heaven.

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3 thoughts on “Heaven in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream last night that I was walking through what looked liked desert and there was clouds all around but they were actually human spirits and I was with someone but couldnt see this persons face and I asked this person if you think this is real and this person never said anything andthen my side started hurting in my dream and then this voice real loud said stand behind the gate.

    1. It might mean that you don’t think you’ve lived life as pure as you could’ve and fear not getting into that happy place.

  2. Had a dream last night that I had been sent to heaven but I was not there because I died, I was sent there because they wanted me to work at the pearly gates of heaven to decide who should pass and who shouldn’t. Not sure what exactly this means…. can you help?