Orphanage in Dreams

An orphanage can have double meanings when it is dreamed of. The first comes from a sense of being abandoned, of being unwanted and neglected by those that you depended upon. You were cast aside by the two most important people that brought you to life.

However, dreaming of an orphanage can also signify hope. If those abandoned by their parents or loved ones eventually find their way to an orphanage, it represents a new beginning and hope. This is because an orphanage is a building of hope and care for them. Though it is not the same as their actual parents, those inside the orphanage are kind enough to take care of them, to give them attention and provide them life that they were originally going to be declined of.

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4 thoughts on “Orphanage in Dreams”

  1. i always find myself dreaming about living in an orphanage full of a bunch of other odd children like i was. its not necessarily pleasant or unpleasant it just feels empty. we live in a big house thats really nice and fancy but so empty and we all have only the clothes we wear and mattresses on the floor. and every day we take a bus to school and the bus is always packed and i always sit on the floor on the way there and back and a lot of the time i get in a fight with a red haired girl on the way home. she says something to me and i smack her. at the school i wander around all day at an eerily empty building. the only person i talk to the whole time (only at the orphanage) is a very pale girl with white hair and white eyes. i never remember what we talk about but she is my only friend. haha this is oddly speciffic but ive had this dream several times with a few variations and sometimes it will continue and pick up like a story after weeks of not having it.

  2. I found myself sitting down in an orphanage full of girls, we were trying to put them to sleep, they were between the age of 5yrs-10yrs but when one of the girls realized that it was day time one by one started to wake up till most of the girls were awake. Then I realized that a whole bunch of kids were around me and they were boys and girls, all cut, with blood, and I saw a boy with which seems stab pencils on his neck, I got so scared and I was able to get myself out of the way of the children, I asked another staff member What had happened, and she told me they were all the physically abused children that are now orphaned. I started crying and I said I couldn’t take it, then when of the staff girls told me, you don’t belong here go upstairs to take care of the toddlers that’s where you are supposed to be helping not here. So I did, but then somehow later in my dream, I started to look for answers and started asking if I can talk to the main manager that dealt with the physically abused children, and that no one wanted to give me her name and told me I couldn’t speak to her. In my dream I felt sad, helpless and scared the whole time!

  3. I had a scary dream me and my bestfriend wanted to fix an old orphanage. we went to the old abandoned orphanage and there was a broken down car in front of it with the buildings information such as phone number and what we need such as ” you’ll need about seven people to help fix up for free” and we called and told them yes we have people to help like yeah okay let’s fix it and help kids. we entered the huge gaping hole of the old abandoned building, the building was slated and there was sand as the floor then all of a sudden it became filled with kids the more we walked into it on the second floor of the stairs and next thing we know we separated and we tried finding each other again and idk if we were seeing what happened in the past or what happened after we fixed it up but it was late at night now and we were still looking for each other and there were so many kids minding their businesses. So we were calling each other but never found each other then a kid pulled us into their rooms like oh no it’s not safe !!! Then they Made us hide from something , im assuming the same happened for her too but i just remember my side but I think we went through the same problem but a little girl closed the door but it didn’t close all the way and she told me to lay in her bed and pretend to be her then we both stayed quiet and she was hiding in her corner then she started screaming “it was compromised run” but I was too scared so I pulled the covers over my eyes and the thought came over my mind, it was staring at me through the closet and I woke up scared. I just REALIZED THE LITTLE GIRL WAS HELPING ME CAUSE THE THING DID CHECK UPS BY WALKING DOWN THE HALL TO SEE ALL THE ROOMS . I just remember being really frightened. I seem to have forgotten most of the dream, I only remember because I woke up and texted my friend all of this but my mom says it has a deeper meaning idk

  4. I had a dream of a orphaned young boy about 5/6 was assigned a father. Each father had an accident and died in an accident. The last person he was assigned lived to care for him. Please help me with this meaning. In this dream my cousin – who I love also dies. I lost my Father last Year and he was the last of seven brothers and sisters. This cousin is my dads favorite brothers daughter. Please let me know what you think. Thank you, Sharon