Skyscrapers in Dreams

In the vast metropolises and cities around the world, there are always sights to see. The ones that stand out the most would be skyscrapers. If one was to dream of skyscrapers, it is indicative of their ambition and yearning to make it to the top, towering over others. Skyscrapers are a breath taking sight, standing tall and firm within cities attracting people to it as a light house would to boats. If one were to be able to scale the heights and go to the top, they could easily oversee possibly the entire city. Dwelling in the highest parts of a city usually places one in a powerful position. Therefore, one who dreams of skyscrapers could very possibly create something wonderful; something great that everyone around can look to and marvel at. At the same time, it may represent your great social and powerful status in the world.

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2 thoughts on “Skyscrapers in Dreams”

  1. Just this morning I had this really weird dream. In it, I was outside our courtyard at home looking up to the sky when I notice a big shadow/silhouette in the sky shaped like city skyline. At first I ignored it but then got a little curious. I wondered how that shadow came about, so I took a couple of steps back to have a wider look over the rooftop and its like my view shifted..I was suddenly looking down on a curving of the earth..with skyscrapers protruding on 360° view of was really amazing and when I woke up for a minute I thought it was real and that was really possible. But then I realized that it was a really weird dream and remembered most of my weird dreams involved things in the sky (a very clear and huge view of mars, the sun exploding and dying, beautiful but impossible fireworks at night etc.) So I was wondering what that dream was about? Can you help me please?

  2. I dreamt that I was a tourist in the inner city with my family. We were walking around and all of a sudden we were walking down the street and all of these massive buildings I mean they were very huge almost like we were ants compared to them and they created a shadow on the streets. I was kind of terrified in a way, I wonder what it meant?