Temple in Dreams

Being regarded as a sacred sanctuary, a temple is an embodiment of spirituality and meditation. Thus, dreaming that you are at a temple represents your desire to find peace and to be at a place of cleansing and spiritual enlightenment. You yearn to develop and sharpen your spiritual growth and inspiration. Seeing a temple in your dreams can represent your desire to find a place where you can take shelter at when you feel like the world is being harsh on you.

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9 thoughts on “Temple in Dreams”

  1. Often I see a temple of Shiva in dream. I cant relate whuch place it is but one thing is sure it definitely is a place of Lord Shiva. I tried hard to find that place as I kept seeing the same place in every dream. But couldnt yet. What does it mean..?

  2. I saw a dream of a temple where the temple is seen only from one side like illusion….I entered directly to the temple with my wife…what is the meaning of this dream?

  3. I saw a dream of a temple where the temple is seen only from one side like illusion….I entered directly to the Illusion temple with my wife….what is the meaning of this dream?

  4. Early morning, I saw ancient Temple in my dream and also very hight richter scale earthquake… When I was in temple…

  5. I saw a temple’s river where the families of dead people put some flowers in the leaf with a little light for their soul to rest in peace , I could see half part of the river was black and half was crystal clear where there were large fruits flowing.

  6. I had a dream, there are two temples in my room both looking beautiful. There are my parents both have passed away and one person with whom I have a major misunderstanding at the moment and this person keeps insulting me badly at the moment which at times is very degrading. I am kneeling in front of one temple and look at Lord Krishna statue and smile. This is how it kind of finished

  7. There was a temple tower in my dream last night. I remember that it was the Tenkasi Vishwanathar temple tower. In my dream, I lied down on my back and when I opened my eyes I saw the temple tower only. I want to know what does that mean?