Wrong Bathroom in Dreams

When you dream of entering or using the wrong bathroom, you are overstepping boundaries, and crossing the line in certain situations. Are you doing something that you are not aware about to antagonize a coworker or a friend? Has there been something that was said to a friend that continues to be taken out of context?

It is best to take a moment to address any outstanding issues that can take a wrong turn for the worst if left unattended after dreaming about using the wrong bathroom.

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One thought on “Wrong Bathroom in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream where I was at the pool then I went to take a shower and I started to get undressed and for some reason I had a corset on, then I went into the shower area and no one was in there so I started to take a shower and soon boys started to walk in, they were in swim suits, and then I said “i’m in the wrong bathroom aren’t i?” To one of the guys and they said yes then I woke up.