Zoo in Dreams

Dreaming of a zoo can be a sign of confinement. The animals inside a zoo are all kept behind bars, making sure they can’t interact with people and keeping them locked up. Thus, dreaming of a zoo can be a reflection of your own personal life. Perhaps you are being confined, not necessarily physically but emotionally.

Alternatively, this dream of being at a zoo is indicative of you feeling like you are placed under observation and scrutiny. People come to the zoo to monitor your actions and observe your appearance. Therefore, a dream of being at the zoo is symbolic of your self consciousness. You hate being there for all to see and worried about what to do with so many people.

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3 thoughts on “Zoo in Dreams”

  1. Two zoo dreams and then I am done on this topic for a while. The first animal dream I ever had with a dirty carnival setting was me entering a dark concrete building with medieval looking markets and gypsies or Mediterranean traveling persons for a more respectful term. (I used to like gypsy culture in high school even though now I am much more educated and realize gypsies still exist in the modern world and live a different lifestyle than what is best for me. I looked like and wanted to play Esmeralda in live action. Go figure.) Anyways I entered this building upon becoming an adult (in real life). There was a lot of commotion and dirty grey walls and a lot of dark rooms along the concrete arena walls. As I walked away from the more primitive looking areas of the building I started seeing old dilapidated arena bathrooms that were dirty and overflowing with filth. I have a fear of elephants and this triggered my fear by reminding me of being a child at an old arena in my hometown when we went to the circus . I smelled that smell of Sulphur, coke products, and animal smell that made me realize the elephants were near and I did not know where they would be in the arena. I liked the circus with my mom and dad and the beautiful ladies and cool animals, but I did not want to get close to elephants in real life especially since I had major sensory issues with large figures, weird textures or patterns, and strange smells. The dream bathroom triggered that feeling of fear and disgust. I left and as I walked I saw greasy concession stands lit up on the gray walls . Then there was my worst fear only it was in sepia like the silent film days. There was a gypsy whipping a huge angry elephant adorned in tapestry and large tusks. I wanted to get away and saw a light coming from a ramp leading upward to the next level of the arena. I had on my beautiful sexy red movie star gown and my black hair was down and I realized that the stairs were getting harder to climb and at the top friends from church and other areas of life helped pull me up. Creepy part is that Rihanna’s song “Diamond” started playing until the pulled me up and then I saw the second level was new and fresh like a fancy arena and a golden elevator that went up. This was years ago and I have been through a lot since those five years ago, but I wonder what the dream meant and how I left such a horrible place that I would be helped out of the steep dark hole into a new fresh world.

    Fast forward years later I have another zoo dream where this time in life I was thinking of moving to Florida where there is theme parks and originally home of the Circus. This time there was a small roadside petting zoo on the way to the beach where my Disney Princess audition would be that was much too small for the animals, but it looked cute and homey like a Madeline zoo story. My daughter and me were visiting the mice and I was not as scared of the elephants. It felt like home, but I kept thinking these animals need more space. Me and my daughters put the animals to bed in almost a story book like way turned out the lights and left. We drove onto my Disney Princess audition where I had to dress myself up as the best Belle ever. I had no wigs and only a home made costume, but I felt beautiful even though the competition was fierce. I was intimidated yet believed I was the best.( In real life I worked at a daycare where my daughter attended at the time, but I wanted to be a Disney Princess in Florida since I am still fairly young. ) After this dream I got back with my daughter’s father and we moved to Florida where I auditioned to work at Disney. I got a pretty cool job where I work for a huge company and basically showcase a large carnival truck where I make more money than Disney, but I still never went to the audition in real life for being a Princess. I only auditioned once for Star Wars, but I want to go back to Disney and audition some more just to see what I can do while still working at my big paying part time job on the Carnival truck.

  2. Hello again, this is another disturbing ugly zoo dream I had. I was in a concrete white harshly lit dirty old State fair type building and saw people lining up at the very front. Apparently these people were idiots who were lining up to get kicked in the face by a donkey. It greatly disturbed me until I looked at a stall door in the wall of the white cracking building In the dark stall was large white horse and I could hear him making frightening sounds that disturbed me. (I love horses usually and am only disturbed by elephants, but this horse frightened me especially since he was in a dark stall.) I saw a poster that basically advertised coming to enjoy the phallus of the horse. It was very perverted to me , and freaked me out that the man in there would risk his own safety by giving a large stallion a hand job. It wasn’t until I sat down to think about it that I realized that it was the large frightening white horse I should pity since he was being molested so people could go in and laugh and ogle at his large phallus. I am not an animal activist. I eat meat even though I am not a fan of the cheap petting zoos unless its a small family farm with farm pets. I am a Christian who loves all people and still has compassion on the suffering of animals. This just seemed to be more than me a bunch of backwards carnival idiots abusing animals (fyi. I know lots of circus folk and carnival people are kind and mean well with animals.) It was just this particular carnival was disgusting and dangerous for the participants. I lived in North Carolina in the suburbs and grew up there when I had this dream, but I knew I was going to move to Florida which is where I live now.

  3. I had a strange dream where I was at a fairground in North Carolina where I lived at the time, but things looked different. There were lots of trees and rain at this fair ground. There was a what looked in the dim foggy rain to be a sign that said Petting zoo. I have chronically been nervous about elephants until recently. In the dream I wanted to avoid seeing one, but I was still curious and walked to a fenced up area where I started to see animals in bizarre dirty conditions. The camels looked hideous and frightened me more than a large grey elephant would have. I am a Christian and a lot dreams line up with my beliefs. It was just so bizarre. I saw other herbivore type animals like alpaca and llamas who were cuter than that hideous camel, but still were locked up in horrible conditions with no greenery and just muddy muck and barbed fences.