Having a Baby in Dreams

Having a baby in a dream can most likely represent commitment or the wanting of a family. You may be afraid that maybe having a baby will result in you being committed to your partner. Or it can be because you and your partner are expecting a baby, and the excitement is just getting to you. Also can be representative of you wanting a baby. You could be longing for the joy, or the neediness to take care of something.

Either way, discover what a baby in your life would do for you. That’s the only way to make sense of this dream, to analyze how a baby would affect your life.

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  2. I am 52 and will be 53 in 2 weeks. I dram the other night that I had a baby girl. My children are 35, 31. and 29. I remember saying I am going to name her Megan. I said I now have a Regina, Monique, and now Megan. The grandparents were present and they were holding Megan. That is all I remember.

  3. I had a dream that I had given birth and I was sitting in the hospital bed. In my dream I looked at my husband and my nurse and asked “Where’s my son Noah? I would like to hold my son.” I had this dream 2 weeks before I found out my husband and I were expecting after 2 years of struggling to get pregnant. Sure enough we had a son and named him Noah Alexander. I know God spoke to me through this dream. My son is my miracle.

  4. I had a dream that I had a baby I never was pregnant in the dream but the baby was as small as my hand and I woke up sooo sad for my baby and couldn’t remember why??

  5. I am 19 year old female. I Had a dream of having a baby girl and saying she’s finally here..cnt w8 til she’s older. The baby was mine and my current boyfriend (I have been with him a year now) but in. my dream we were married. And I remember looking at my bby and I felt really really happy and strong feelings for my bby girl. She weighed a few pounds and 11 ounces. And i remember saying to my sister to get me a phone so I could ring the father of the baby to tell him she has been born. What does this dream mean

  6. I had a dream bout having a baby girl but I didn’t do any effort with her. Didn’t feed her or anything but she always seemed happy and taken care off.

  7. Was wondering about my dream of having children with my ex partner, which we’re working on our relationship for the better.. What does this mean???